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Carnivoros Plants

Carnivoros plants get their name carnivoros plants, because they attract, trap and digest food.  Carnivoros plants are sometimes called insectivorous plants, but carnivoros plants is a better name, because carnivoros plants can eat more than just insects.  Carnivoros plants can eat spiders, small frogs, and other small animals. Carnivoros plants are carnivorous because they live in nutrient poor soils like bogs.  Carnivoros plants get the food they need by digesting prey.  If you plan to learn more or buy carnivoros plants, tour our website, or shop online with confidence in our totally secure shopping cart at Carnivoros Plant Nursery.

We provide a wide variety of carnivoros plants including, venus flytraps, sundews, pitcher plants, butterworts, bladderworts and more.  Take a moment to browse the section on bog orchids and other bog plants.

Carnivoros Plant Nursery is the leading provider of carnivoros plants and educational materials that use carnivoros plants.
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