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Sun Dews

Sun dews is a fascinating carnivorous plant.  The sun dews is also an easy to grow carnivorous plant.  Carnivorous Plant Nursery provides a wide variety of sun dews and other carnivorous plants.  These include North American sun dews, sun dews from around the world, and many cultivars. The species of sun dews provided by Carnivorous Plant Nursery include: the Round Leaf, Birds’s Nest, and Lance Leaf sun dews.  Also available are: King, Spatulate, Pygmy, and many more sun dews.  Several sun dews come in multiple varieties. These include Cape, Pink, Long Leaf sun dews, and others.

In addition to sun dews, we provide a wide variety of other carnivorous plants including, venus flytraps, pitcher plants, butterworts, bladderworts and more.  Take a moment to browse the section on bog orchids and other bog plants.

Carnivorous Plant Nursery is the leading provider of sun dews and educational materials that use carnivorous plants.

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