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Using Carnivorous Plants in
Science Projects

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Carnivorous Plants make excellent subjects for science projects for students.  There is a lot of still unknown information about carnivorous plants, and scientific contributions from students can help us all better understand these fascinating plants and their culture.  Science projects and investigations can be simple or complex and involve students of all ages.

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Student Laboratory Worksheets
Propagating Carnivorous Plants by Leaf Cuttings
Trigger Timing and Speed of Trap Closure in the Venus Flytrap
Helpful Hints for Science Projects
Practical Considerations When Using CPs in Science Projects
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Types of Carnivorous Plants
Growing Tips
Wingless Fruit Flies: A Great CP Food
Suggestions for Carnivorous Plants to Grow

Free Classroom Materials
Carnivorous Plant Nursery is happy to provide a set of free Sundew leaf cuttings for students to investigate leaf propagation.  Students can observe the development of sundew plantlets along the margins of mature leaves.  They can also identify and investigate the variables that affect this process.  A productive experiment will end with dozens of mature healthy sundew plants.  Full instructions are included.  Shipping and handling will need to be prepaid.  This kit is available in the “Teaching Stuff” or "Supplies" Section of our Online Store.

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