Pine Barrens Gentian

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Pine Barrens Gentian

Ease to Grow: Moderate.
Dormancy: Yes.
Native Range: Peat Bogs of Coastal Eastern North America.
Zones: 3-7 (2-8).

Pine Barrens Gentian, Gentiana autumnalis, is a beautiful, tall, fall blooming, blue flowering, bog plant. Leaves are narrow, lance shaped, and paired opposite down the stem. Flowers are a blue with a tint of violet, and appear as open single blooms on a long flower stalk. Flowers are typical in August through December, and give some of the last color in the bog before snows. It seeds readily. Gentians prefers the open, wet ares of bogs and meadows. Water with rain/distilled water. Gentians add nice color to the Fall Bog Garden. They grow well in and among Pitcher Plants.

For Gentians, each portion is a rooted, growing plant and size refers to age: small (1-2 years), medium (2-4 years), large (5+ years old).

Height:8" - 14+".
Plant Type: Perennial, middle temperate.
Soil: General Bog Mix.
Soil pH: 5.5-6.5.
Light: Full to Partial Sun.
Use: Pretty blue Fall Flowers among carnivorous plants.

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