Wingless Fruitflies


Wingless Fruitflies

Drosophila melanogaster, wingless fruitflies are a perfect live food for small-trap carnivorous plants including, sundews, butterworts, venus flytraps and pitcher plants. Wingless fruitflies cannot fly and are easily sprinkled into the traps for quick, natural feeding. Nothing beats live food for great carnivorous plant growth. Large, vigorous cultures shipped in shatter-proof vial with plenty of medium. Please be aware that some of the fruitflies may die in-transit due to their short life spans. They will be quite a few larvae and/or pupae in the vial that will emerge as adults in 7-14 days.

Maintain your own cultures for a constant supply of flies by ordering the fruitflies, culture vials and fruitfly medium.

Care Sheet for Culturing Fruitflies.

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