Lithograph 3 Sundews Pratt, 1855


Three Varieties of Sundews Anne Pratt Original antique chromolithograph from 1855.

Illustrator: Anne Pratt (1806-1893).
Engraver: William Dickes (1815-1892).
From: Anne Pratt, The Flowering Plants, Grasses, Sedges and Ferns of Great Britain, Volume 1 of 6, Plate 34.
Published: London, Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1855.
Sheet size: Approximately 5¼ x 8½ inches, reverse blank
Condition: Very good; rich deep colors, light toning, blank reverse.

Comments: Anne Pratt is one of the best-known botanical illustrators from the Victorian Age. A childhood of poor health reduced her outdoor activity, but her family and family doctor encouraged her to pursue her interest in botanical art. She wrote more than twenty books in the popular style and illustrated them all with chromo-lithographs. She is greatly responsible for popularizing botany at the time. William Dickes was an award-winning British lithographer. He started out with wood engraving, but eventually developed techniques in color lithography with copper plates that were exhibited at the International Exhibitions in London, Dublin and Paris in the 1860s. He was the primary color printer for the Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge. Chromo-lithographs reached their pinnacle at the turn of the 18th century. High quality color images were printed using multiple stones, each “inked” with a different color and each layer aligned with great precision. It is an extinct printing process. “Chromos” today are cultural and historical treasures. The three sundews featured in this work are: Drosera rotundifolia, Drosera anglica, and Drosera longifolia. The web image is slight enhanced to bring out the detail. A copy of the text title page and the descriptive pages are included.


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