A Carnivorous Planted Terrarium

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A Carnivorous Planted Terrarium

These amazing "Terrariums" can extend your hobby's possibilities and can look amazing. They can be done stress free with the right care and balance all year around.

A one of a kind guide book in the hobby of growing many kinds of carnivorous plants together with many types of terrariums in different amounts of ventilation from a working hobbyist point of view. These guides will help many at most levels of experience; help guide you through a lot of possible issues that could found their way in your terrarium. There are chapters covering "set-up" through "long term planning" for Carnivorous Planted Terrariums and with many different subjects in solving problems and making long term fixes with good and health growing environments to find the healthiest balance. There are some species of Carnivorous Plants that grow together better than others, and some that will not thrive well in terrariums because of the different needs and are named in Chapter seven and just general hobby information in chapter two for the best locations and in chapter three about care and hobby goals within your terrarium long term in chapter eleven. Sharing some of my traveling experiences around these oddly and most wonderful plants and their native origin that I have seen firsthand and most of all to help save one from most common mistakes in caring of these plants. Basic care and common sense steps needed to protect and keep healthy happy carnivorous plants in your terrariums. The easiest but best way to a beautiful thieving terrarium and in its design that I have studied and found in a practical approach to problems and maintenance to answers for you and your terrariums.

By Daniel Lee Bowen, Dog Ear Publishing, LLC, 2010 - 188 pages. Reviewed by Michael Szesze.

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