Drosera prolifera

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Drosera prolifera

Ease to Grow: Moderate.
Dormancy: No.
Native Range: Rock ledges and creek banks of northeastern Queensland, Australia.
Zones: 12 (11-13).

The Hens and Chicks Sundew, Drosera prolifera, is aptly named for its ability to produce young plantlets at the tips of stolon-like flower scapes, similar to strawberry runners. The mother plant soon has a brood of young "chicks" surrounding it. The heart-shaped leaves are lime green with large dewy tentacles, and fine red digestive glands. It is a low growing tropical sundew with traps year round. It prefers humid, shady riversides with sandy, peaty soil. The reddish-purple flowers are small and inconspicuous along and at the tips of the "runners". It is one of the few sundews with red flowers. It blooms from June to October, but does not produce seed readily. It is a great little terrarium plant. D. prolifera shares the same habitat with D. schizandra and D. adelae. They are collectively known as the "3 Sisters of Queensland." This selection comes from leaf plantlets and are identical to the parents.

Height: 1" - 3+".
Plant Type: Perennial, tropical.
Soil: Upper Bog Mix or General CP Mix.
Light: Partial bright indoors, partial sun to shade outdoors.
Use: Grows well in the protected warm bog garden in summer, greenhouse and indoors. It is a great terrarium plant.

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