Drosera x Andromeda


Ease to Grow: Challenging
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Rainforest floors of northeastern Queensland, Australia
Zones: 12 (11-13)

The Andromeda Sundew, Drosera schizandra x prolifera, grows like a robust form of the Schizandra Sundew. It also produces broad, fan-shaped leaves that are light green, and sparsely lined with large white, dewy droplets and fine red digestive glands. The leaves are barely sticky. It looks a bit like a small, dewy African Violet. It is a low-growing tropical sundew with traps year round. It may be the only carnivorous plants to grow on a rainforest floor, and prefers humid, shady riversides with sandy, peaty soil. The small dark reddish-purple flowers bloom in late Summer. It is one of the few sundews with red flowers. Although it does not produce seed readily, it can be divided by leaf cuttings. Provide it with steady conditions, warm, very humid, low light, avoid direct sunlight. This selection comes from leaf cuttings and are identical to the parents.

Plants are shipped in a domed 2.5" pot. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 1" - 2+"
Plant Type: Perennial, tropical
Soil: Upper Bog Mix or All-Purpose Mix
Light: Low light indoors, shady outdoors
Use: Grows well in the greenhouse and indoors.

Customer Reviews

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Ggg Vgg
Good plant

It's wonderfull

Jeffrey Risner
Drosera xAndromeda growing well

My plant has doubled in size with new leaves since it arrived. Its planted in a 6 inch plastic pot in pure long, fiber, sphagnum moss inside a large glass cookie jar with a glass lid sitting in a corner of my bedroom, receiving indirect sunlight from a western window. I mist it every day with R/O water maintaining a constant high humidity. Time will tell.

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