Genlisea lobata x violacea

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Genlisea lobata x violacea

Ease to Grow: Easy.
Dormancy: No.
Native Range: Brazilian highlands.
Zones: 8-11 (6-12).

Genlisea lobata x violacea, is a naturally occuring hybrid. Like its parents, it is perennial, semi-aquatic  with small, spoon shaped leaves that form a rosette. They typically grow in nutrient poor, peaty wetlands or sandy seeps in fog drenched highlands. Summers are hot and wet, winters are warm and drier. In culture, they prefer sandy peat that is constantly moist, and occasional flooding. The small flowers appear in Spring, with pale violet aprons, and purple veined upper lobes, and a yellow throat patch. Each flower stalk produces a succession of 3 or more flowers. This is one of the larger Genlisea and it flowers easily. Best grown in terrariums or warm greenhouses. A clump or portion of genlisea contains 1 or more plants when shipped.

Height: 1/4+".
Plant Type: Perennial, tropical.
Soil: Lower Bog Mix.
Light: Bright to partial bright indoors, full sun outdoors.
Use: Grows well in greenhouses, and terrariums.

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