Lab: Pitcher Plant Dissection


Lab: Pitcher Plant Dissection

Purpose: Investigate the contents of Pitcher Plants.
Materials Provided:
    Mature pitcher plant tubes
    Magnifyling glass
    Razor blade with safety shield
    Measuring cup
    Student directions and data sheet
Grade Level: 4-5 elementary, middle school, high school, undergraduate.

Pitcher Plants have no moving parts, yet they capture some of the most prey of any carnivorous plant. Their pit-fall traps are very effective in design, and work remarkable well, capturing more and more insects as the season progresses. Best in Fall. Supply available late Spring through late Fall only.

In this inquiry investigation, students dissect a variety of mature pitchers to explore the trapping mechanism and measure and analyze the trap's efficiency. Students draw deductions on the variables they measure, and end with a good understanding of how pitcher plants work in greater detail than simplying reading about it.

This series of carnivorous plant lab investigations is based on scientific inquiry standards of the National Science Education Standards, and are consistent with State Learning Objectives. Students have the opportunity to think and act like scientists during these investigations. Written and classroom tested by Michael Szesze, Awarding Winning Science Teacher.

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