Nepenthes ampullaria x reinwardtiana

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Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Parents from tropical Malaysia
Zones: 11-13 (10-14)

Nepenthes ampullaria x reinwardtiana, is a cross with lowland and highland parentage which gives it vigor and temperature tolerance. It is a beautiful hybrid nepenthes with plumb greenish or orange red medium size pitchers, 2-3" (5-8cm) in length. It has a very wide temperature tolerance and does well in a window. It is a fast grower, and a great house plant, that can be grown outdoors in the warm weather. It is suitable for beginners.

This clone N. ampullaria x reinwardtiana, was developed by Borneo Exotics, BE-3938.

Unless described as "potted", plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp Sphagnum moss. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 18+"
Plant Type: Perennial, Tropical, Lowland to Intermediate
Soil: Live Sphagnum Moss or Nepenthes Mix
Light: Bright indirect indoors, full to partial sun outdoors
Use: Grows well on the window sill, or in the sunroom or greenhouse.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Lippman
Beautifully packaged, great customer service

Everything was handled with care. Plant was in great condition. Very pleased!

Nicholas Boire
The plant arrived in a rough state, but I think it'll survive

The plant had one fully grown pitcher that was starting to brown, and some of the leaves are folding/browning, but otherwise it's ok.

Raphael La Rose

Nice plant. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the summer.

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