Nepenthes x Judith Finn


Nepenthes x Judith Finn

Ease to Grow: Easy.
Dormancy: No.
Native Range: Parents from Sumatra and Borneo Highlands.
Zones: 10-12 (9-14).

Nepenthes x Judith Finn, is a hybrid between a highland and lowland tropical pitcher plant, N. spathulata x veitchii, and grows well as an intermediate. It is a medium to large size, fast growing with gorgeous red peristomes.  They are striking from a distance.  The leaves can grow up to 18+ inches. It is heat and cold tolerant, and prefers well drained soil. It does well in a window. It is quite good at catching large insects, such as: stink bugs, wasps and yellow jackets.  It is a great house plant, that can be grown outdoors in the warm weather with a minimal transition period. It is a good Nepenthes for beginners.

Height: 18+".
Plant Type: Perennial, tropical.
Soil: Live Sphagnum Moss or Nepenthes Mix.
Light: Bright indirect light indoors, full to parltial sun outdoors.
Use: Great house plant for the sunroom, window sill, terrarium, or greenhouse.

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