Yellow Eyed Grass Seeds


Yellow Eyed Grass Seeds

Ease to Grow: Easy.
Dormancy: Yes.
Native Range: Peat Bogs of Eastern North America.
Zones: 2-6 (2-8).

Yellow Eyed Grass, Xyris sp., is a perennial bog plant with bunches of charming, small, yellow flowers. The flowers are about 1/4" (.5cm) on tall, slender stalks, that gracefully wave in the wind at about the height of tall pitcher plants. The crown will produce several flowers, typically 1 each day. They typically grow in small colonies providing a nice display. It has long narrow leaves that are slightly twisted, with a flat crown that spreads out like a fan of cards. It prefers open, sunny, consistently damp, peaty soils. Water with rain/distilled water. Flowers from Spring through Fall, and readily seeds itself, spreading nice, but not over crowding other plants. Leaves turn a rusty red in the Fall. It is an associate bog plant and provides shading, support and charm to the bog garden.

Seed Packs are fresh harvested in the Fall, and stored refrigerated. Seed count is approximate, but reliable.

Note: Stratification is required to prepare seeds for germination. All seeds are produced from open pollination within our collection. Some cross pollination among different cultivars may occur. Growing carnivorous plants from seeds is best suited for the experienced and patient grower. See our webpage on Growing CPs from Seeds.

Height: 2" - 6+".
Plant Type: Perennial, cold temperate.
Soil: Lower Bog Mix.
Soil pH: 4-6.5.
Light: Partial to Full Sun.
Use: Charming yellow flowers among carnivorous plants.

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