Cranberry and Sarracenia purpurea

Bog Plants

Companions with Carnivorous Plants

Bog Plants grow in association with carnivorous plants in boggy, peaty wetlands. They include beautiful flowering plants such as Pink Sabatia, Cardinal Flower, Gentian and Milkworts, and wonderful greenery like Sphagnum Moss and Clubmoss. There is even fruit with Cranberries and Bog Blackberries. Sphagnum Moss is an important bog plant, even an index plant for bogs. They provide a natural, bog-like appearance to the garden or pot, and are wonderful associates for the carnivorous collection.

As with carnivorous plants, Bog Plants prefer peaty, sandy soil that is consistently moist. They generally like open, sunny conditions. They come from a wide geographic range, making them generally vigorous and robust growers that tolerate winters. I have found that most do well with winter temperatures of 45°F (7°C) when grown indoors, and outdoors in the ground can take temperatures below -22°F (-30°C). They do benefit from pine needle or weed free hay mulching, about 4-6" deep. This helps retain soil moisture and keeps winter temperatures from extreme fluctuation.

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