Venus Flytrap Set 1


Venus Flytrap Set 1

This introductory collection of Venus Flytraps includes three distinct types: the typical common form, the beautiful all red Akai Ryu cultivar and the curious Dentate cultivar with short guard hairs. These are some of the most popular of Venus Flytraps and are easy to grow carnivorous plants. Once potted up, they will do nicely in a small tray on the window sill. A terrarium is not necessary, but helpful in drier climates. Shipped bare-root, wrapped in sphagnum moss. Illustration is representative of species, and does not show specific plants shipped.

You select the size:
small (1-2 year old plants appropriate for a 3" pot),
medium (3-4 years old plants appropriate for 4" pot),
large (5+ year old plants appropriate for a 6" pot).

Varieties and cultivars are our choice.

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