Venus Flytrap Set 1


Contains 3 of the most popular cultivars:

  • Typical
  • Akai Ryu
  • Dentate

This introductory collection of Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) includes three distinct types: the typical common form, the beautiful all red Akai Ryu cultivar and the curious Dentate cultivar with short guard hairs. These are some of the most popular of Venus Flytraps and are easy to grow carnivorous plants. Once potted up, they will do nicely in a small tray on the window sill. A terrarium is not necessary, but helpful in drier climates. 

You select the size:

small (1-2 year old plants appropriate for a 3" pot),
medium (3-4 years old plants appropriate for 4" pot),
large (5+ year old plants appropriate for a 6" pot).

Varieties and cultivars are our choice.

Plants shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant corm. Photographs are representative of species, not the plants shipped.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jeffrey S
Very healthy plants!

All 3 plants arrived quickly, carefully packaged, and in excellent condition.

Stephanie Laurent
2 of 3 left

Can’t review much because I killed or am killing them. I think I overwatered them (rainwater). The rhizome on 2 are still white but the third was black. They haven’t grown since I replanted them and the leaves on the others are black and dying off. I have them under a light lamp and we are in Louisiana so there is plenty of humidity.

Herbert N.
Plants Much Smaller Than Indicated on Website Photo for Items

2 stars because the seller sent the items quickly, well packaged, and the plants arrive alive. However, I have to dock the seller 3 stars because I consider the plants to be much smaller than advertised in the photo on the website. I ordered and paid for "mediums" and I do not consider what I received to be mediums (even if you consider the plants are still coming out of dormancy). Event if the photo on the website are "large", I do not consider the ones I received to be a "good value" for what I paid. I will not be ordering from this seller in the future as there are many other sellers out there I feel give you better overall value.

Ryan Lippman
Everything went very smoothly!

These little guys arrived in great condition and are still doing very well. Great customer service too, thanks!

John Molina
Really great smooth fast experience

The plants actually came a lot quicker than I expected and I got into the motion quick n rhythm of taking care of them. Smooth process!

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