Sundew Set 1 Mix

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Contains 6 plants selected from:

  • Bird's Nest Sundew (D. intermedia.)
  • Cape Sundew (D. capensis.)
  • Thread-Leafed Sundew (D. filiformis)
  • Round Leaf Sundew (D. rotundifolia)
  • Spatulate Sundew (D. spatulata)
  • Giant Forked Sundew (D. binata var. dichotoma)
  • Staghorn Sundew (D. binata var. multifida extrema)
  • Southern Thread-leaved Sundew (D filiformis tracyi)

A mix of 6 different sundews selected from the listing above.  Temperate sundews in their dormant season, will be shipped as dormant hibernacula.  Juvenile plants may be shipped.

Species and cultivars may vary, but will all be different.

Plants shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. Photographs are representative of species, not the plants shipped.

Customer Reviews

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Great plants

Absolutely loved my collection. I made a bog environment for them and they did well. Kept the soil gnats down very nicely until I got sick and couldn't care for them and sadly didn't make it. Be assured I'll be ordering replacements soon.

Charles Chen
A beautiful Addition

I was impressed by how well packaged and wrapped my order was prepared. You can tell a lot of thought and care went to protecting these little guys for safe transport. All plants arrived safely and in very strong condition. I had my pots ready for transplant prior to receiving the order and it made things a lot easier to get them in their new home. It's been a couple of weeks and they are still going strong. Definitely will order again from this place in the future!

Worth the waitI

When i got my plants I saw that it was definitely worth the wait. I put them in a temp home then fixed up their perm home. I don't know if I'm imagining it or not, but there already seems to be a reduction in the soil gnat population.

The most unique plants

I never knew I would get into bog plants, it’s been a wonderful discovery for me

Sarah R.
Great purchase & will order again

I received my sundews about a month ago, and I chose to order the set as a starter to the drosera species. Despite spending a weekend at the post office through no fault of the nursery, the plants came in excellent condition. Within about two days of being in an aquarium, I was already seeing new growth in the ones I chose to place there. They came with tips and the website gives great care instructions, you’re even emailed in advanced with care help to get you started. I was excited to receive all of the ones I had hoped for! Now after a month, the intermedia has two flower stalks and everyone is growing better than I would have imagined. Several even had several plants growing within the soil/moss, and unfortunately the spatulata is the only one not doing well even though it was the one I wanted the most. This may, however, be my fault, as it was a clump of five or so plants, and I was nervous to separate the smallest ones, and two were fairly big so they may have choked each other out some? I separated them to see if they recover. All in all, an amazing purchase and well worth the money as long as you research and look into what types of care they need.

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