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About Carnivorous Plant Nursery

We are the leading provider of engaging educational materials that use carnivorous plants to promote environmental stewardship. We provide a complete line of low-cost, high-quality carnivorous plants from around the world, as well as teaching materials for carnivorous plants. Carnivorous Plant Nursery is your one-stop shop for carnivorous plants and useful information on their care and culture. If you are looking for activities, classroom resources, games and gifts or carnivorous plants, let Carnivorous Plant Nursery supply your needs for venus flytraps, sundews, pitcher plants, butterworts, bog orchids and many more carnivorous plants.

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Fossil Pitcher Plant?

Carnivorous Plant Fossils

Carnivorous Plant Fossils. Though there is debate among archeobotanists, the oldest carnivorous plant fossil may well be Archaeamphora longicervia, found in 2005 near Jinzhou, China.
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Venus Flytrap Sculpture

Venus Flytrap Sculpture

Gigantic Venus Flytrap appears in courtyard of Carnivorous Plant Nursery. This is the work of VonChandler of D.W.C. Metals of Farmington, AK.     

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