All-Purpose Soil Mix


Premium Carnivorous Plant Soil All-Purpose Mix.

This is a general-use medium, suitable for all carnivorous and bog plants. It is a professional, custom blend specifically designed for bog habitat plants, and based on years of growing experience and field studies worldwide. We offer a variety of custom soil mixes for different carnivorous plants, bog plants, and bog orchids. More details about our premium soil mixes.

Instructions: Moisten before use with mineral-free water, such as distilled, reverse-osmosis or rain water.
Contents: sphagnum peat moss, horticultural sand, perlite.
Approximate Volume:
   small: 0.5 quarts, 25 cubic inches, enough for one 4" round pot.
   medium: 2.5 quarts, 170 cubic inches, enough for about five 4" round pots.
   bulk pack: 8 quarts, 540 cubic inches, enough for about sixteen 4" round pots.
Caution: Wear gloves when handling any soil medium.

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Peters
Good product

Works great!

Ernest Williams

All-Purpose Soil Mix

Adam Lessel

The soil works great for the Venus Fly Traps I ordered.

Great Product

I have a couple of pitcher plants and only use soil from Carnivorous Plant Nursery to repot them. Thanks.

Michael Maggard
High quantity soil mixture !

The soil mixture looks like of great quality and amount. I received excellent service and will order from here in the future.

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