Nepenthes x ventrata


Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Parents from mossy forests of the Philippine highlands
Zones: 8-11 (6-12)

Nepenthes x ventrata, is a medium size, robust growing carnivorous tropical pitcher plant with good sized, 8" red pitchers. Traps are red and almost cylindrical in the upper half, and long and rounded with sometimes green with red tint, in the lower half. There are no wings along the ant trail. The lid is moderately thick and usually red, but can be green. It is heat tolerant and does well in a window. It is quite good at catching large insects, such as: stink bugs, wasps and yellow jackets.  It is a great house plant, that can be grown outdoors in the warm weather with a minimal transition period. It is a good Nepenthes for beginners.

Note: This clone is popular and sometimes distributed as N. alata, but is more likely a complex hybrid: N. alata x (ventricosa x alata). It is sometimes called the "Deroose alata," named for the Deroose Nursery, Netherlands.

Unless size specifies "potted", plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 18+"
Plant Type: Tropical, Intermediate
Soil: Live Sphagnum Moss or Nepenthes Mix
Light: Bright but indirect
Use: Great house plant for the sunroom or does well in the greenhouse.

Customer Reviews

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Ordered 2 of these, large and potted. They were packaged well, with care obviously shown to wrap the pitchers safely around the plant. It's in good shape, and quite beautiful.
The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the pitchers seem to have all lost their fluid in the process of shipping, but I don't hold that against anyone...I'm sure it's pretty much unavoidable. Now I have a couple grown plants to dote over while the seeds I ordered grow :D

Chitrak Gupta
Healthy Pitchers

I loved the nepenthes from carnivorous plant nursery. The leaves are glossy and healthy. There are nice pitchers on the plant. I would love to get more varieties like dyeriana, ampularia, etc.

Steven Findak
My Nepenthes x ventrata

Plants came well packed and they had a heat pad since they were shipped during a cold spell. I did not expect the heat pad. It appears to be a health and vibrant plant and let see how long I can keep it alive before I kill it. I would recommend this company to others


Plants came healthy. Packaged great. Best packaging I've experienced actually.

Rin Scherrer
Looking great!

My little plant showed up very nicely packaged and in perfect condition. It's got one little pitcher on it and another coming up. I'm looking forward to adding it to the collection!

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