Venus Flytrap Set 1


Contains 3 of the most popular cultivars:

  • Typical
  • Akai Ryu
  • Dentate

This introductory collection of Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) includes three distinct types: the typical common form, the beautiful all red Akai Ryu cultivar and the curious Dentate cultivar with short guard hairs. These are some of the most popular of Venus Flytraps and are easy to grow carnivorous plants. Once potted up, they will do nicely in a small tray on the window sill. A terrarium is not necessary, but helpful in drier climates. 

You select the size:

small (1-2 year old plants appropriate for a 3" pot),
medium (3-4 years old plants appropriate for 4" pot),
large (5+ year old plants appropriate for a 6" pot).

Varieties and cultivars are our choice.

Plants shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant corm. Photographs are representative of species, not the plants shipped.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John Molina
Really great smooth fast experience

The plants actually came a lot quicker than I expected and I got into the motion quick n rhythm of taking care of them. Smooth process!

Dominick Dortch
Venus starter plus sundews (N.J.)

I got the Venus starter and three sundews (rotundifolia, binata, & intermedia) and these guys arrived July 7th and they are looked great. It's been a week and they are looking okay. I learned from my mom (the veteran green thumb of the family) that I should have put them in small starter pots for their shallow roots instead of the huge barrel pot. I'm keeping the soil moist hopefully they can recover. If they don't make it then it's a learning experience and I will get it right next time!

Malvin Malave
Beautiful Plants

All three flytraps arrived well and are really brightly colored plants. Reds are real red, greens are real green. And you can tell that the plants themselves are really well taken care of. I've bought fly traps before but these plants are the best looking plants I've ever gotten.

Karen SaintDenis
Great starter pack!

So glad I found your website! 2 of the 3 plants are thriving, the 3rd one is iffy, but it may come around. I'm excited to watch them grow...

Michael misiolek
Venus Flytrap Set 1

The plants arrived alive and were well protected and packaged. The only thing I can say is the shipping was a little slow, but hey, who has control over that these days? They plants were green and looked healthy to me. Of course I did everything wrong and nearly killed all of them, even after I did all the research.They were almost totally black when my sister re-potted them, but they were not dried up crunchy and bulbs and roots looked good to me. So we cleaned them all up and gave it another shot. I'm not exactly a "plant guy" unless you include eating them. I wouldn't recommend eating these, though.This time we used a loose mixture of peat and sand and put them in six inch plastic pots with drain holes on the bottom. We poked holes in the bottom so the ionized water can drain out taking any impurities with it. Then we just poked a hole in the mixture with a pen right to the bottom so the roots can dangle as far as possible. This should avoid root rot. We put the plants in and just pinched the mixture around the bulb at the top to hold it in place and pored ionized water on top bring the loose mixture in around it. My sister put them out on the front steps to let the sun do its' work. I'm happy to say it did the trick. The little rascals are green, red, yellow and sprouting all over the place.
Some final thoughts: I wouldn't consider these fully formed plants, more like seedlings. I was surprised to find they they were not one plant, but several put together to look like one plant. Like a bouquet of flowers to make the impression of a full plant. However, I don't think I would judge them too harshly. This is firstly a "business" and like any other they have to move product out the door or they won't be for long. If this is the case I would say it's pretty damn effective. They looked really good when I got them, and if most of them survive they gave me more than the one plant I paid for. Secondly, maybe this is the way they're supposed to be grown in the wild to protect the survival of species. I'm not the plant guy.

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