Sundew Set 1 Mix


Sundew Set 1 Mix

Contains 6 plants selected from:

  • Bird's Nest Sundew (D. intermedia.)
  • Cape Sundew (D. capensis.)
  • Pink Sundew (D. capillaris)
  • Thread-Leafed Sundew (D. filiformis)
  • Round Leaf Sundew (D. rotundifolia)
  • Spatulate Sundew (D. spatulata)
  • Giant Forked Sundew (D. binata var. dichotoma)
  • Staghorn Sundew (D. binata var. multifida extrema)
  • Marston Dragon (D. binata var Marston Dragon)

A mix of 6 different sundews selected from the listing above.  Temperate sundews in their dormant season, will be shipped as dormant hibernacula.  Juvenile plants may be shipped.

Species and cultivars may vary, but will all be different.

Plants shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. Photographs are representative of species, not the plants shipped.

Customer Reviews

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R Osborn
Wonderful Sundew mix

It was a nice mixture of sundews. They came in bare-root and healthy. I planted them immediately and they are growing great.

Tania O'Donnell
Feed me Seymour!

These little plants are fascinating! I bought them as a part of a strategy to combat fungus gnats attacking one of my succulents. Now I love the Sundews even more than I love the succulents. Shipping was quick. The set arrived carefully packaged, each plant rolled in wet moss. I live in a cold climate so I also had the heat pack added for shipping, which was still warm upon arrival. I potted the plants up using the bog mix (one bag was plenty) and kept them well watered. Some of the plants in the set were significantly bigger than others. The three biggest snagged gnats within days! The smallest plants needed a couple of weeks to go from a little brown starter to adorable little plants. They are well on their way now. Every plant in the set is thriving. I like that there was a size variety in the set as it is interesting to see how the smaller plant are developing through the growth cycle. I am very happy with the quality of Carnivorous Plant Nursery’s plants and bog mix. Thanks for great service and great plants!

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