Bog Garden Set


Carnivorous Plant Bog Garden Set

Contains 11 plants selected from:

  • Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)
  • Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia sp.)
  • Sundew (Drosera sp.)
  • Butterwort (Pinguicula sp.)
  • American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpus)
  • Sphagnum Moss (Sphagnum sp.)

Ease to Grow: Easy to moderate.
Soil: All-Purpose mix.
Light: Full to partial sun.
Water: Consistently moist with mineral-free water.

These temperate, North American native plants all thrive in the same conditions, and are ideal beginning to an outdoor bog garden. The set is selected from the famous Venus Flytrap with its quick moving traps, a pitcher plant with its tube trap, the charming Sundew with sticky, glistening tentacles, a Butterwort, a rooted cranberry plant, a plug of Sphagnum Moss to spread about.

If ordered during winter months, plants may be sent that are dormant rhizomes, corms or hibernacula, trimmed of old traps. They will be true to size, but may not be showing their full forms. Given good growing conditions, they will emerge true to the size descriptions. Specific varieties and species are our choice. For size and care information refer to the specific plant pages. Plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. Photographs are representative of species, not the plants shipped.

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