Lady's Slipper Soil Mix


Premium Lady's Slipper Soil Mix

This is a blended medium, suitable for Cypripedium acaule and Australian terrestrial orchids. It is a professional, custom blend specifically designed for Pink Lady's Slipper Orchids, and based on years of growing experience and field studies worldwide. We offer a variety of custom soil mixes for different carnivorous plants, bog plants, and bog orchids. More details about our premium soil mixes.

Instructions: Moisten before use with mineral-free water, such as distilled, reverse-osmosis or rain water.
Contents: sphagnum peat moss, horticultural sand, pine fines.
Approximate Volume:
   small: 0.5 quarts, 25 cubic inches, enough for one 4" round pot.
   medium: 2.5 quarts, 170 cubic inches, enough for about five 4" round pots.
   bulk pack: 8 quarts, 540 cubic inches, enough for about sixteen 4" round pots.
Caution: Wear gloves when handling any soil medium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carol Allen
Seems Like a Good Terrestrial Orchid Mix

The balance between free draining (air holding) components and water retentive ingredients seems good. Time will tell if the lady slippers do well in it.

Patricia Hall
Very impressed

I am very impressed with lady slipper plant and soil that I ordered. I emailed a question and also called , and both times got prompt helpful response . Price is also very reasonable . I am very pleased!

Sandy Leffler
So Exited

Bought it for a Mothers day gift. My mom has wanted one for years . I can’t wait to see it bloom next year.

Sam Yarnell
Amazing results

Knowing how tricky Lady Slipper Orchids are to grow I was amazed to see shoots poking through the soil just 8 days after the rhizomes were planted. Incredible results!

Helen Koch
Don’t know yet!

Mix seems fine; will know in the spring. Can’t really rate it yet.

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