Free Lab: Sundew Leaf Cuttings

Free Lab: Sundew Leaf Cuttings

Free Lab Activity: Sundew Leaf Cuttings

Free Sundew Cuttings Free Sundew Cuttings Free Sundew Cuttings

Carnivorous Plant Nursery is happy to provide a set of free Sundew leaf cuttings for students to investigate leaf propagation.  Students can observe the development of sundew plantlets along the margins of mature leaves.  They can also identify and investigate the variables that affect this process.  A productive experiment will end with dozens of mature healthy sundew plants. Full instructions are included.  

Purpose: to determine how to propagate sundews.
Materials: Sundew cuttings

Download the .pdf file for Trigger Timing and Speed of Trap Closure in the Venus Flytrap here.

Free VFT lab

Get the cutting here. Shipping and handling will need to be prepaid.  See more materials in the Educational Materials Section of our website.

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