Huffington Post Article

Huffington Post Article

Maryland's Carnivorous Plant Nursery Hosts Killer Botany

Nice article about Carnivorous Plant Nursery and a happy customer.

DERWOOD, Md. -- There are more than 650 carnivorous plants in the world and Michael Szesze guesses he's got about "four to five hundred" of them growing outside his house in suburban Maryland, not far from the nation's capital.
"Looks like suburbia in the front of the house," he says. "Come back here and it's this incredible garden of carnivory." .  .  read more..

venus flytrap catches stink bug at Carnivorous Plant Nursery. Carnivorous plant display at Carnivorous Plant Nursery. Michael Szesze is the owner and operator of Carnivorous Plant Nursery.

10-year-old Spencer Ricketts is very excited about his new carnivorous plants from Carnivorous Plant Nursery. Moctezuma Butterwort at Carnivorous Plant Nursery. Visitors enjoy the display at Carnivorous Plant Nursery.

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