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Caged Carnivorous Plants

Beware Caged CPs. The photos I’ve attached are for a smile. When I brought the plants home, I needed a way to keep the free-range chickens away from them, hence the cages. After setting it all up, it occurred to me that it looked like I was keeping the plants contained, rather than protecting them.
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Bog Bed by Carter Hancock

Here's a great bog bed planted by enthusiast Carter Hancock of Bristow, VA.Notice how the rain downspout is close to and drains underground to assist with watering.
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Man Eating Tree of Madagascar

From J. W. Buel's Sea and Land (1889) comes a tale of the legendary Man Eating Tree of Madagascar. Here's Tone Moore's short movie about its history. (Used with permission.)


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carnivorous plant corsage

Carnivorous Plant Corsage & Boutonniere

Here's a creative way to use carnivorous plants for a formal occasion. Ian Kramer of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas incorporated Venus Flytraps and Nepenthes into a corsage and boutonniere for a very unique and beautiful effect.
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