Utricularia graminifolia


Utricularia graminifolia

Ease to Grow: Moderate.
Dormancy: No.
Native Range: Boggy wetlands, SE Asia.
Zones: 12-13 (11-14).

Utricularia graminifolia, the Grassleaf Bladderwort, is an-easy-to grow amphibious bladderwort from southeast Asia. It has "grass-like" leaves, and frequently forms broad mats. In its native habitat, it grows as a mat along the water margin, both in and out of the water. It is a superb, foreground aquarium plant, forming "carpets" of grassy patches. When grown in pots of slurry peat, it flowers heavily. The plant grows as a branching network of fine stolons with grasslike leaves above, and carnivorous bladders below. It prefers acidic water with a pH of 5.0-6.5, and benefits from CO2 injection, and regular trimming, which keeps it thick. It can be difficult to start, but easy, once established. It blooms from late Summer to early Fall with pretty, long-spurred lavendar flowers with a yellow throat.

"Aquatic clump" is a portion about 1" x 1.5", shipped in water, in a plastic bag.
"Terrestrial clump" is a portion about 1" x 1", shipped in peat.
Portions may compact in shipping.

Length: 6+".
Plant Type: Perennial, tropical.
Soil: Sand in an aquarium, Peat in a pot.
Light: Bright to partial bright indoors, partial sun outdoors.
Use: Colorful addition to the garden pool and tropical aquarium.

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