Cephalotus follicularis


Cephalotus follicularis

Ease to Grow: Moderate.
Dormancy: Yes.
Native Range: Sandy-peat wetlands of coastal southwestern Australia.
Zones: 10 (9-11).

Cephalotus follicularis, the Australian Pitcher Plant or Albany Pitcher Plant, is a unique compact carnivorous plant with numerous moccasin shaped traps forming a tight rosette or mass of traps.  Traps are typically 1/4" to 2" in size depending upon age and growing conditions. They are often burgundy to dark maroon in full sun and greener in lower light. The hoods are thick and cup shaped with translucent windows, and frequently have red and white "stripes". They cover the small "mouth" which is lined with toothy looking ribbed lips that are often maroon or blackish in color. In its natural habitat grows in Mediterranean climates in coastal, damp, peat/sandy heathlands. They can tolerate a light frost. Flowers are small and inconspicuous on long stems in late Spring. They are infrequent in cultivation, and seeds are even rarer. It likes being pot-bound, which actually encourages the formation of new plants from root buds. Root divisions and leaf cutting work. Root cuttings are easier.  It often grows with Drosera hamiltonii and Utricularia simplex. This selection comes from root cuttings and are identical to the parents. It is a remarkable and charming pitcher plant, growing well on the window sill, terrarium and greenhouse.

Height: 3+".
Plant Type: Perennial, Mediterranean.
Soil: Live Sphagnum Moss or Cephalotus Soil Mix.
Light: Bright indirect indoors, full to partial sun outdoors.
Use: Does well on the windowsill, in terrariums or greenhouse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gilbert Wesson
It seems Ok

It looked Good but must have went through some sort of shock because most of the small pitchers have turned brown but the one big Pitcher turned very Red and the leaves are very Red

Laura P
Super cute

This is the 1st time I spend this much money on a plant. It’s is a small plant. But it is beautiful.

Jeff Dromm
Neat little babies from down under

Nice little group of Cephalotus hopefully I can keep them alive and happy.

ezekial brown

Arrived nicely along with the rest of my order. Two open pitchers and plenty of leaves. Will probably buy from again in my hunt for bicalcarata red

nice plants

I bought a cephalotus, 2 pitcher plants, and 2 flytraps. The cephalotus had 2 opened pitchers and 4 closed pitchers with 10 leaves (non carnivorous) , the pitcher plants were quite large, one nepenthes had 3 pitchers, the flytraps were small, but I think it was only because of winter.

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