Class Set - Leaf Cuttings Sundews


Lab: Sundew Leaf Cuttings - Class Set for 32 Students

Purpose: Investigate the plant propagation technique of leaf cuttings and produce sundew plants.
Materials Provided:
    8 Bare-root Sundews
    8 Cups with lids
    32 Student directions and data sheets
Materials Needed:
    1 Gallon distilled water or rain water
    Optional: Scissors
    Optional: Magnifying glass
    Optional: 3" pots and CP soil
Grade Level: 4-5 elementary, middle school, high school, undergraduate.

Sundews are marvelous glistening carnivorous plants with sticky tentacles that move slowly, but effectively capture prey. Their sticky traps are very effective in luring, capturing and digesting prey.

In this laboratory experience students learn and practice the propagation method of leaf cuttings. They tease leaves from a growing sundew, place them in water, record observations, and harvest dozens of sundew plantlets. They can also identify and investigate the variables that affect this process. A productive experiment will end with dozens of mature healthy sundew plants. Students may opt to plant them up and take them home.

This series of carnivorous plant lab investigations is based on scientific inquiry standards of the National Science Education Standards, and are consistent with State Learning Objectives. Students have the opportunity to think and act like scientists during these investigations. Written and classroom tested by Michael Szesze, Awarding Winning Science Teacher.

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