Infusoria Culture


Infusoria is a collective term for freshwater microorganisms, including protists and micro-crustacea.This includes such critters as: paramecia, euglena, cyclops, rotifers, and daphnia. Fish hobbyists know this as fry food. CP enthusiasts know this as food for aldrovanda and bladderworts. In addition they feed on algae, and reduce nutrients in the water, which is essential for the healthy culture of Aldrovanda and aquatic Utricularia.

Each portion is 1/2 cup full (4 oz.), and includes a variety of micro-fauna/flora in dormant or active stages, and pond sediment from our own Aldrovanda and Utricularia pools. Simply add this to your own set-up to "seed" the right stuff for growing your aquatic carnivorous plants.

Culturing Infusoria:
Infusoria grows best in the tank or pool used to grow your aquatic carnivorous plants.  Two essential ingredients are peat moss and leaf litter.  Create a bottom substrate of peat, keeping in mind fresh dried peat moss can take several weeks to sink to the bottom. A nylon stocking stuffed with peat, to the size of a baseball, can be added to a fresh set-up. It will sink to the bottom and keep the floating matter contained  The water should be acidic and dark tea-colored.  Add a few emergent plants such as water lilies, pickerel weed or reeds, potted in peat. The leaves that drop into the water will provide decaying organic matter for the infusoria, and cover for the carnivores.  Keep the surface about 1/2 open and free of plants.  Keep in full to partial sun outdoors, or bright indirect lighting indoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I received it in a bag, a good amount. A nice surprise was that it came with a tadpole and I look forward to seeing him grow.

Teslarack Boutique

Tiny, not as advertised!!!

Derrick McManus
Just what I was looking for

This was perfect for my little carnivorous plant aquarium. The bag had some pieces of bladderwort in there and I'm growing those out too.

Daniel Claro
Excellent Condition

Quality packaging and care to ensure safe arrival. Had very minimal lose of green and they acclimated amazingly to my water! Great buy!

Gregory Beylin
Amazing amount

I was expecting a small amount but man was I wrong that was a huge bag of life! Definitely best bang for your buck imho... also know that they use the water from they're own pools that have carnivorous plants so don't gotta worry about snails ect..

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