Carnivorous Plant Flexagon


Carnivorous Plant Flexagon

The Carnivorous Plant Flexagon is a kinetic origami folding that features carnivorous plants.

Flexagons are flat models made from folded strips of paper that can be flexed (or opened from the middle) to reveal a number of hidden faces. They are amusing toys that have also caught the interest of mathematicians and paper crafters alike.

Flexagons were discovered over fifty years ago by a graduate student, Arthur Stone, playing with scraps of paper. The first flexagon he made was the tri-hexaflexagon. He had folded a strip of paper diagonally in three places to form a hexagon. When he flexed the hexagon in a certain way, a third face was revealed. He found this to be very interesting. After thinking about it overnight, he constructed a hexagon that when flexed produced six different faces—hexa-hexaflexagon. After that many of his friends joined him in the fascinating study of flexagons, and many more types of flexagons were discovered.

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