Heliamphora nutans

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Easy to Grow: Challenging
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Summits of the cool Tepuis of Northeastern South America
Zones: 9-11

Heliamphora nutans or the Nodding Sun Pitcher is medium height, with orange-red tinted, green urn-shaped pitchers with small circular dark red nectar spoons. The traps are short and broad with a pronounced hip. They are slightly sweet in fragrance. H. nutans prefers light shade and growth can be stunted in full sun. It divides regularly and forms loose clumps. The scent-less bell-shaped flowers are typically red and pink, and tend to nod over on tall scapes. They bloom anytime during the year. H. nutans is a highland plant preferring consistently cool and humid conditions, and loose well drained soil. It is native to several Venezuelan Tepuis including: Mount Roraima, Kukenan, Yuruani, and Wei Assipu. In cultivation, these plant do well in a terrarium in an air-conditioned room with bright indirect light. Fluorescent plant lights with timers on 14 hours/day, with seasonal variations are recommended. H. nutans was the first species of Heliamphora to be discovered-Robert Schomburgk in 1838.

Plants are shipped potted. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 4"-7+"
Plant Type: Perennial, cool semi-tropical
Soil: Nepenthes Mix works well
Light: Partial bright indoors, light shade outdoors
Use: Grows well in terrariums and cool greenhouses.

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Joe Waters
Just got my Heliamphora nutans

I can't say enough nice things about how helpful CPN was in picking out everything I needed to choose this plant, other plantings, and even the terrarium to put it in. The Helipamphora is tiny, but it came very well packaged and the plant looks pretty healthy.

I would definitely invest in the Nepenthes soil the gang at CPN recommends for this plant.

Now to watch this plant grow!

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