Nepenthes flava


Ease to Grow: Moderate
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Highlands of Northern Sumatra
Zones: 11-12 (9-14)

Nepenthes flava, is a stunning species with long vines and small pitchers. The epithet "flava" reverts to the bright yellow color found on the upper and most of the lower squat pitchers. The peristome is wide and yellow. It is a climber that can grow over 100 ft.  It does well in a window and is a great house plant, that can be grown outdoors in the warm weather with a minimal transition period. It is a good as a houseplant or in the greenhouse.

Unless size specifies "potted", plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 100+'
Plant Type: Perennial, Tropical, Highland
Soil: Live Sphagnum Moss or Nepenthes Mix
Light: Bright indirect indoors, full to partial sun outdoors
Use: Great house plant for the sunroom or does well in the greenhouse

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Christopher Sheil

Well, I can't really say. I ordered these (and several other species) on 03 January. They shipped on 06 January. Today is 17 January and according to the USPS tracking information that you shared, they are still in Texas somewhere. I am concerned that these plants will all arrive dead, or so stressed that they will suffer long-term damage. My order number is #45530.

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