Venus Flytrap - Typical


Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: Required
Native Range: Cape Fear River Basin, North and South Carolina
Zones: 6 to 9 (5-10)

Venus Flytrap Typical, Dionaea muscipula, is the common, wild type form. Trap color is frequently an expression of the amount of light, with the deeper reds showing under bright light. Plants form nice rosettes and show low growing traps in the cooler seasons, and upright traps in the warmer weather. Seedling and juvenile plants have functioning traps. Names from colonial times include: tipitywitchet and meadow clam.

Unless size specifies "potted", plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant corm. Photographs are representative of the species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 1"-5"
Plant Type: Perennial, Warm Temperate
Bloom Time: June to July
Bloom Color: White
Soil: Upper Bog Mix or All-Purpose Mix
Light: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors
Water: Consistently moist
Use: Grows well in the bog garden, greenhouse and indoors. It is an excellent subject for terrariums if provided winter dormancy.


Customer Reviews

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Eliot O.
Thoughtfully packaged and in good health

My VFT was slightly delayed for shipping due to the heat; however it arrived healthy despite some noticeable stress of transit. Have had it for a little over a week now and although it's still slightly drooped it's under strong growlight so hopefully should be doing better soon!

insanely well-packaged and healthy

As the title says, these are very well-packaged! I ordered a large potted one, and it came better packed than some live insects I've bought (including fussy stuff!) So I was impressed out the gate, and then further impressed when I unwrapped it and found a lovely, very healthy (and still very damp!) flytrap. Shipping is a bit slow, but it's worth it for a solid plant!

John Sigmon

Venus Flytrap - Typical

David Griffin
Venus fly trap

Came in great shape, packaging was excellent and plant health was impeccable. Re-potted without a problem.

Ellen Kann
Very pleased

I purchased 3 large, potted plants as gifts for some young CP enthusiasts. The plants were very well packaged and looked great when they arrived.

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