Freeze Dried Bloodworms


Freeze Dried Bloodworms

Freeze dried bloodworms are an excellent high protein food for carnivorous plants. They are not true "worms," but are the larval stage of the Midge Fly, Chironomus plumosus, which is a common non-biting small flying insect. They are called bloodworms because the larvae are often a bright red color. Freeze dried, they are very convenient as a year round food for sundews, butterworts, and pitcherplants. Just sprinkle a small amount on or into the trap. Approximate Analysis: Protein - 58%, Fat - 5%, Fiber - 2%, Moisture - 4%.

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Bryce Wood
Freeze dried blood worms

The blood worms do be freeze dried.

Could be me but have not worked

It could be me but anything I’ve fed these too, have rejected it or died shortly after. I’ve had success catching house flies so I’m not sure it’s me.

A bit on the thin side for some CP's

I find these to be perfect for my Drocera's and for a quick sprinkle for the pitchers but not as much for Venus as they need something fuller to feed them and then a trap massage but so far so.

Danielle Rogers
so far so good

I'm trying freeze dried bloodworms for the first time, well not me personally, my pitcher plants. I've never fertilized them before, they're growing good but I think they may need a snack through the winter. My order arrived quickly and packaged well. I also got something new, a bird's nest sundew. I potted it up and it looks good, small but good. I'm very happy with my order and if all goes well maybe other plants in the future. My only hesitation for more plants is I live in northeast Pennsylvania, probably a little colder then these plants are used to. Definitely a five star review.

Leslie A
Perfect Size

These freeze dried bloodworms are so much easier to feed to my plants verses meal worms!! I will never buy anything else again.

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