Lithograph Insektenfressend Meyer


Insektenfressende Pflanzen (Insect-Eating Plants) Joseph Meyer Original antique chromolithograph.

Illustrator: Verlag des Bibliographischen Institut.
From: Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, Edition 4, 5 or 6, Book 8.
Published: Leipzig, Germany, 1885-1905.
Sheet size: Double page, landscape, 9½ x 12 inches, reverse blank.
Condition: Excellent; good color, slight toning.

Comments: Meyer (1796-1856) was one of the first publishers to employ a system of serial subscription to publication, including the very influential encyclopedia from which this print originates. It helped spread understanding of carnivorous plants through Europe and beyond. Chromolithographs reached their pinnacle at the turn of the 18th century. High quality color images were printed using multiple stones, each “inked” with a different color and each layer aligned with great precision. It is an extinct printing process. “Chromos” today are cultural and historical treasures. The print depicts 9 species of carnivorous plants, identified in Latin: 1 & 2. Nepenthes 3. Sarracenia purpurea 4. Drosera rotundifolia 5. Utricularia vulgaris 6. Aldrovanda vesiculosa 7. Pinguicula vulgaris 8. Dionaea muscipula 9. Drosera longifolia 10. Darlingtonia californica. The web image is enhanced to bring out the detail. The included book title page and descriptive pages are from Edition 4. Actual print shipped may be from editions 4-6, based on availability.


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Jaimie Johnston
It's gorgeous!

I love this piece of botanical art. Lithography is such an time honored printing practice, and nothing else provides that look. Definitely my favorite piece of botanical art.

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