Sarracenia flava


Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: Suggested
Native Range: Wet Pocosins of Coastal Southeastern North America
Zones: 7-9 (6-10)

The Yellow Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia flava is a tall southern pitcher plant with distinctive green trumpets and frequently shows red veins. The nectar glands along the hood margins and throat are very productive, and attract many flying insects, particularly wasps. S. flava grows well in wet bog soil. It has its best traps in Spring when they are considerably larger and sturdier. They fade by Summer and develop phyllodia (flat leaves) that persist through winter. This green-yellow, trumpet-shaped carnivorous plant has large, showy, fragrant flowers. They are one of the largest and most spectacular blooms within the Sarracenia. They generally bloom from March to May before the pitchers fully develop. They are a great bog garden plant and will grow in northern zones with protection. Sarracenia flava was one of the first pitcher plants to be discovered by European naturalists in the 1600s. For this selection we provide plants from a mix of variants including: S. flava, rugelli, cuprea, maxima, and ornata. Our choice based on availability.

Plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant rhizome with trimmed off pitchers. Photographs are representative of species and not the specific Yellow Pitcher Plant for sale. Veining and coloration may vary because these are a seed strain.

Height: 12" - 32"
Plant Type: Perennial, temperate
Soil: Upper Bog Mix or All Purpose Mix
Light: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors
Use: Grows well in the bog garden, greenhouse and indoors. It is an excellent accent plant.

Customer Reviews

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My son is on a carnivorous plant kick and wanted to make a bog garden. He bought a sarracenia flava (small) with his allowance and it arrived in a package wrapped in wet paper towel with moss. Overall we were pleased with the shipping time but were a little disappointed with the size of the plant. I guess shipping was a bit pricy but for 20$ I expected something more substantial than the very tiny plant we received. I’m hoping they will grow this spring/summer. I guess next time we will save up for a larger size if all goes well with this garden! Attached is a picture and those are normal sized perlite pebbles to compare size. The plant itself (roots not included) may have been 1-1.5inches

Teri Rodriguez
Love. Love. Love.

They came perfectly packaged and healthy. I can’t wait to see them in the summer!

Quency Thomas
First purchase

I guess, I need more time for a proper review. They arrived alive and in good shape. But, I guess this is their dormant time? So as projected by you all, no new growth. Spring will concrete it for me.

Melissa Edwards
Very Happy!

My plants arrived very well packaged and in great shape, and after only a few days they have both started sprouting. I will definitely purchase from here again!

Brian Bastarache

Sarracenia flava

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