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I'm in LOVE with these babies you sent me. They just came in today and they're perfect. I'm so happy with them. Thank you so much!
--Ashton Schwieker, Opelika, AL

Just letting you know that my new plants have arrived in perfect condition.  I am so pleased with the whole experience!  Beginning with your excellent, user-friendly website  and beautiful selection of plants, all the way through the convenience of receiving a text to let me know I should be on the lookout for the package.  And the plants are beautiful!  ...  Even my husband, a bystander to my plant hobby, is wowed.
--Jane Peirce, Orange, MA

Thanks for the TERRIFIC PLANTS that I've gotten from you now and in the past. I like that my orders come quickly...that they are carefully wrapped and clearly labeled. Cool.
--Danny Johnson, Parkdale, OR

The plant is a nice specimen. It arrived in great shape due to the excellent packaging. Thanks.
--Carl Miller, Kingsville, MD

...I love all of your plants that you have sent me and really appreciate all the advice I can attain on your website. You guys are really awesome, keep up the good work, I really appreciate it...and can't wait to be doing more business with you guys :)
--Alley Mathis, Pace, FL

Very pleased with my plants. Other growers charge a lot more for a much smaller plant. Of the 4 or 5 other growers I've purchased from, yours are by far the most beautiful. I wish I had come across your website sooner. Thank you so much.
--Brent Jacobs, Bethlehem, PA

Thank you - I am very SATISFIED with your customer service and responsiveness. I can't wait until these plants grow up so I can see how beautiful they are.
--Paul Smith, Lake Zurich, IL

Thanks, the plants came in SAFELY, and excited to see them grow...more orders in the coming months
--Dakota Tucker, Okmulgee, OK

I am very happy with my purchase. All the plants look very healthy and happy.
--Jennie Sirota, Chasska, MN

Thank you for speedy, well-packed, beautiful plants!
--AJ Dunevent, Rockledge, FL.

I was so IMPRESSED with my order. Everything arrived in good conditon. The cephalotus is INCREDIBLE! I will definitely be ordering from you in the future.
--Kevin Grudzinski, Hoffman Estates, IL.

I can't tell you how PLEASED I am. The packaging was by far the best I have experienced. The fly trap was mailed in EXCELLENT condition. You have pushed me to expand my botony horizons.
--Dustin Carter, Orlando, FL.

It guaranteed REPEAT BUSINESS... probably later today even. Keep an eye out.  I have been shopping around to see who's worth buying from.  Clearly you are.
--Richard Prior, Greenville, SC.

Of all the CP sites on the web yours is the most RELIABLE and REASONABLE I have found.
--Eric Klokis, Eustis, FL.

Your Venus Fly Traps are the BEST I have ever ordered online. At first, I was hesitant to order because of the prices but after I received my order I was EXTREMELY surprised. My Czech giant is truly a GIANT. Its traps are as large as a quarter!!! I've ordered from others but your VFTs are FAR SUPERIOR. The other sites send you little VFTs and call them "large". The smallest Venus Fly Trap that I ordered from your site is almost twice the size of my other "large" VFTs. I wish I had known about your site before spending a lot of money on my other VFTs. I know that your prices may turn some people away (me, at first) but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for" and your VFTs are well worth the price. Again, thank you for selling a high quality product.
--William Graham, Lakewood, NJ.

Thank you for such QUALITY and HEALTHY plants.
--Bobbey Schmidt, Sandy, UT.

The plants arrived in EXCELLENT condition.  I must say your packing is UNEXCELLED.
--Patric Horimoto, Kaneohe, HI.

I was in WOWed by the white top pitcher plant. you did one hell of a job. The sundew, the roots are in AWESOME shape. Thank you for your time and your hard work. i will be buying more plants from you.
--Thomas Duncan, Carroltton, TX.

I would just like to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I could not expect higher QUALITY plants. I did a lot of research on the internet before choosing a REPUTABLE cultivator of fine carnivorous plants, and I am thrilled at the plants I received from you. I love your website and your fascinating grow tips.
--Michael Li, New York, NY.

I was IMPRESSED at the size and health of your plants. We'll be sure to order more.
--Eric Johnson, Granger, IN. 

As always it is a pleasure to receive your EXCELLENT PLANTS, and they arrived in PERFECT CONDITION. Thanks.
--Charles Redding, Astoria, NY.

I appreciate how STRONG and WELL-DEVELOPED your stock is. The way they are wrapped in peat makes transplanting EASY and with LITTLE STRESS TO THE PLANTS. The nicely wrapped VFTs had their roots intact in a peat plug. That was a GREAT surprise. I have ordered other bare-root VFTs that were really bare; just plants in a wet paper towel. Your WEBSITE IS GREAT too. The plant information and growing tips have been interesting and helpful. 
--Mike Tonge, Cupertino, CA. 

Your plants are GREAT. I'll recommend them to anyone looking for quality.
--Chris Lubben, Saint Anne, IL.

We love your Beginners Set. VERY IMPRESSIVE-the plants are healthy, ROBUST and large enough to be well displayed . The packaging was impressive-the moss was still moist and we had no problems separating the roots. I am very pleased with your products and my son is delighted. The bonus plant was excellent!
-- Tamara Treanore, Fayetteville, NC.

Just wanted to let you know that The Museum was very impressed with my carnivorous plant presentation (and of course), YOUR plants, and they offered me the job. Can't thank you enough.
--Lisa Warren, Randolf, NJ.

Thanks so much for your super FAST delivery of the ACTIVITY BOOK FOR CARNIVOROUS PLANTS. I'd have to say that it looks FANTISTIC and EVEN BETTER than I thought it would be. I'll definitely be recommending it to teachers that I meet. Thanks for all the work you put in!
--Cath Evans, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

I wanted to thank you for your GREAT SERVICE, and I am more than HAPPY about the plants you sent me! I would recommend you to anyone else: You have been the best supplier I've dealth with. Your prices may be a bit higher, but your quality far outweighs this!
--Joseph Hovan, Harrisburg, PA.

Thanks for some WONDERFUL plants. The plants were ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. They looked very healthy and well cared for. Your plants put my current plants to shame. VFT Clayton's variety is absolutely STUNNING and was more beautiful than I imagined it would be. WOW. I will no doubt (and soon) be placing another order, based on the EXCEPTIONAL high quality (and FAST shipping.)
--Charles F, Glendale, AZ

Thank you for the bonus, that was very nice.You TOTALLY EXCEEDED my expectations. Thanks a bunch! I will certainly recommend your nursery to my other CP friends.
--Robin Ogg, Newberry, FL

You do an EXCELLENT JOB growing these CP's! And the web-site is very cool. Thanks again.
--Gary Gosa, Albany, GA

I wanted to tell you how helpful your Carnivorous Plant Activity Book has been. I used the book last Spring for my class and all my students really enjoyed the activities, and your book has been a TREMENDOUS RESOURCE for us. Just wanted to give you an "atta boy." Thanks for all your help.
--Margo Terry, Joplin, MO

I'm letting you know I received the plant I won in the monthly drawing. Firstly, it arrived in EXCELLENT CONDITION, with onlly a couple of traps closed due to shipping stress. The plant was superior in size and quality to others I have purchased. The plant, in other works, was excellent! I will definitely be ordering from you soon!
--Kris Steaveson, Norman, OK

I just bought a large Big Vigorous from you and Oh my God. I thought my plant was pretty Big. Hands down your PLANTS ARE GREAT!!! Thank you for the bonus plant, it's awesome. I will be buying more.
--John Moreali, Campbell, CA

The plants are GREAT! You are the only grower I know of that truly lists the correct size of his plants, hence, when you say large, they are LARGE.
--Peter Frye Branford, CT

I just received my order. Arrived in Perfect Condition. You obviously have this down to a science. I couldn't be more HAPPY, but then you pushed past my highest expectations and upgraded my order, gave me a bonus plant and gift card. I am amazed. Thank you so much.
--Donna Allison, San Francisco, CA

(My plants)... are a lot bigger than i expected, not to mention in AWESOME CONDITION!. I know where to go from carnivorosus plants?
--Michelle Pittluck, DeKalb, IL

Thank you for the SUPERIOR SERVICE. My plants are doing great. You are definitely the best in the business 100%. Also Thank you for the Bonus Plant
--John Moreali, Campbell, CA

Just wanted to thank you for the REMARKABLE VFTs I received from you the other day. I have never seen such incredibly-sized traps (extra large)...I AM FLOORED. And thank you for the extra bonus plant... that was a great SURPRISE.
--Chris Milano, Danbury, CT

You have an OUTSTANDING SITE! I purchase all of my hig-end plants from Carnivorous Plant Nursery. You are EXTREMELY RESPONSIVE and thanks for the free plant.
--Wayne Schmidt, Lancaster, CA  http://www.waynesthisandthatn.com/venusflytrap.html

Thank you for the FREE venus flytrap. Winning the drawing was an EXCELLENT way to get my plant collection started. I will be BUYING MORE - you've got a customer for LIFE!
--Christen Cantrell, Lilburn, GA

Got my book and I am so very pleased with all the WONDERFUL information inside. It was more than I expected.
--Liz Dunn, Cumberland, VA

Thanks Michael. By the way the plants I received from you were just AWESOME, GREAT QUALITY!!! Thanks again.
-- Peter Frye, Master Gardener, Branford, CT

Thanks so much for the quick response. Oh, you have no idea how much time my son spends at your site. And anytime I bring him to my office - the first thing he does is set the background on my computer to a picture from your site! I am GRATEFUL to you for such a WONDERFUL DESIGN - with all the crap on the internet it is wonderful to have a place designed by a teacher that a KIDS CAN UNDERSTAND. So thank you a million times!
--Millie Peterson, Cedar Rapids, IA

Your plants are INCREDIBLE--EXCELLENT QUALITY. I'm impressed! I've ordered from all the big boys and none of them compare to you. You packed the plants with such care. They all arrived in GREAT condition. I will definitely be ordering from you again soon. Thanks for caring so much.
--Pat Bowden, Portland, OR.

WOW! Just to let you know, I received my order already. All I can say is WOW! I've never gotten an order that healthy and of that many good sized plants for such a good price! I will be a returning customer soon so give me updates when new VFT's arrive! 
--Peter, Novi, MI.

My plants arrived in GREAT condition. Thanks for the extra plant and note card. You have great plants and I need to make room for more. You will be hearing from me soon. Thanks again for the GREAT service.
--Ray Bockerstette, St. Peters, MO.

Your Activity Book for Carnivorous Plants is an AMAZING find and a wonderful VALUE for the price. I am thoroughly delighted. It met all of my expectations, in fact it surpassed them.
--Margo Terry, Joplin, MO

Got my book (Activity Book for Carnivorous Plants) and I am so very pleased with all the WONDERFUL information inside. It was more than I expected. THANK YOU for taking the time to write this wonderful book.
--Liz Dunn, Cumberland, VA.

I won the plant giveaway for last month and I wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for your generosity. I am a college student at the University of Florida, extremely busy with assignments that the teachers pile on while the semester nears the final weeks and it made my day when I checked my email and found out I had won. Thanks so much.
--Nick Zurasky, Merritt Island, FL.

You have a GREAT website.
--Bob Ziemer, Humboldt, CA.

I thought you might be interested to know, my 9 year old son used the sandersonii plants you sent for his school science fair project and he won first place! He is absolutely fascinated by carnivorous plants and has become quite knowledgeable as a result of much reading. The plants continue to thrive and he treats them almost as pets rather than plants. Thanks again for the bonus plant. We are all enjoying the plants very much.
--Kelly Westerhout, Bakersfield, CA.

My name is Angel and a few months back I bought a Big Vigorous venus fly trap from you, a small one. Well I wanted to tell you how wonderful that little plant is. I can't believe how fast it has grown and how large the traps are. They are already larger than any other plant I own. And when I bought it I was terrified because it was the first bare root flytrap I ever bought, but I got it, potted it up and it is amazing! It has 23 traps on it right now and several are an inch or more.  Anyway I just wanted to thank you and let you know that this little guy is doing great. When I go to buy more plants I am for sure going to buy them from you.
--Angel (Last name & town withheld by request.)

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