Utricularia gibba


Utricularia gibba

Ease to Grow: Easy.
Dormancy: Not required.
Native Range: Worldwide.
Zones: 4-7 (3-9).

Utricularia gibba, the Humped Bladderwort, is a small size, mat producing, perennial, aquatic bladderwort with bright yellow summer flowers. It grows floating in boggy waters with no roots.  It is prolific and can form large, dense, floating mats.  Its leaves are finely divided, and interspersed with small, scattered bladders, which turn dark from devouring infusoria. It prefers dark, tea colored, boggy waters rich in tannins.  It does best in full sun, growing under and among emergent aquatic plants, such as water lilies, frogbit and pickerel weed. Its flowers reach above the water from early Spring to mid Summer.  Flowering seems to require growth in the peaty substrates of shallow warm waters. In Winter, it diminishes in size and drifts to the bottom of the pond, but does not seem to form turions. This is a wonderful plant for the garden bog pool or aquarium.  Cultures may contain small amounts of other aquatic plants.

Length: 6+".
Plant Type: Perennial, temperate.
Soil: Bog Water.
Light: Bright to partial bright indoors, partial sun outdoors.
Use: Colorful addition to the garden pool and aquarium.

Customer Reviews

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Jay Holmes
Trapped! ;) Lots of traps

Got a nice bundle of Utricularia gibba delivered early April. I as well was able to split it, some in an outdoor bog garden, some in and indoor set-up under lights. I hope to use these to teach a science course including the story of Mary Treat who corresponded with Darwin about her Utricularia observations and noted significant observations Darwin missed. She published, and he recognized her achievements in his book on Insectivorous plants. Cool plants, cool stories of science!

Andrew Norris
Always something I didn’t know I needed here

I received many plants over the last decade and half from CPN and visited the nursery in person.
My latest order was one of my favorites, including new, but much coveted genera Genlisea and Aldrovanda. Some of the other plants in my order were understandably dormant or just breaking dormancy, as it’s March, so I didn’t include photos, but all of these plants came from CPN.

Dawn Koser
Love It

Seller was quick to ship, and everything was well packaged & secured. Water-based items were double bagged, which was awesome.

This was my first aquatic carnivorous plant. Added some insofuria to let them establish a bit, and then put this up against a terrestrial edge of the water. It's been really cool to watch it grow and stretch out into new areas of the water. The little critters seem to love darting around and hiding in it. Excited to expand on this with other plants!

Good sized clump; healthy plant

Plant clump arrived promptly and in good health. Was larger than expected - therefore I was able to add some to a few projects at once. It's grown well since.

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