Grass Pink Orchid


Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: Recommended
Native Range: Peat Bogs of Eastern and Central North America
Zones: 3-9 (2-10)

The Grass Pink, Calopogon tuberosa, is one of the showiest and most common of all our native orchids.  The bright pink blooms are 2" (4cm) across with multiple flowers (up to 10+) on each spike. The petals are brilliant magenta and the lip is tipped with bright yellow bristles that attract insects.  It is a summer bloomer, and flowers over a long period of time, several flowers at a time. Grass Pink is a bog plant which grows in open, acidic bogs with sphagnum moss, but is adaptable to drier, upland conditions, as long as the soil remains damp during flowering. It is winter hardy, and should be in well drained soil and protected from rodents during dormancy. Mulch with 4+" of pine needles in the Fall. Leave at least a 1" of needles after spring cleanup. The corms can be stored in damp sphagnum at 35°F (2°C) in a refrigerator for 3 or 4 months. Water with rain/distilled water, they are sensitive to mineral buildup. It spreads nicely and grows well with pitcher plants. It is an attention getter.

Curiously, flowers are upside down and have a moving lip, that can be tripped, and dab pollen on an insects.
Our Calopogon tuberosus for sale are not collected from the wild, and are propagated from root divisions of plants in our collection.
For Grass Pinks size refers to age of plants. Young (1-2 years, bulbs between 1/8"-1/2"), Mature (3-4+ years, bulbs < 1/2"). Dormant bulb shipped when possible.

Plants/bulbs are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant bulb. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific Grass Pink Orchid plant for sale.

Height: 8" - 16"
Plant Type: Perennial, cold temperate
Soil: Bog Orchid Mix
Soil pH: 4-6
Light: Full to Partial Sun
Use: Grows best outdoors in the bog garden or pots.

Customer Reviews

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Phillip Tongier
Live Sphagnum moss bog orchids

Calopogon and Pogonia excel in live sphagnum. New growth observable w Pogonia. Calopogon healthy and producing additional corms. Rainwater and live sphagnum mini bogs, the orchids thrive.

David Graff
Worth the wait

Grass pink finally bloomed after 2 summers and a violent uprooting and afternoon sun exposure by robins last year.
2 of 3 corms survived and one bloomed this year.
3 spectacular flowers that are well worth the wait.
CPN is the only place where I’ll buy my plants and supplies.
Colin and Mike not only have healthy, beautiful, and amazing plants that are shipped with great care from years of experience - but they provide wonderful customer support. A rarity in today’s world. Thanks for enriching my life with your wonderful plants.

Beautiful Bog Plant

It took a couple of years; but worth the wait!!!

Sanjay Krishnaswamy
Worth the wait

Got this last summer from CPN, put it in a container water garden with maybe an inch and a half of soil in a spot without much sun unfortunately. A single blade-of-grass-like leaf came up, grew to maybe 18", withered away, winter came. As of this week I have the same leaf plus a maybe two-and-a-half foot long stalk bearing five marvelous orchids. Good hardy stock, just needs time to establish and it'll show you how good the material supplied is.

Judith Lee
Grass pink orchid

Still dormant, but I'm seeing signs of life. It has grown a little node on top.

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