Carnivorous Plant Types Poster


Carnivorous Plant Types Poster

This is a beautiful, very detailed, photographically illustrated poster depicting the various types of Carnivorous Plants and their trapping mechanisms.

Snap Traps, Bladder Traps, Tank Traps, Lobster-Pot Traps, Flypaper Traps, and Pitfall Traps are all included.

From the Poster - "Carnivorous plants are denizens of sunny, warm, locations marked by a short supply of available nutrients. These mostly herbaceous perennials may be bog or rock dewllers, or epiphytes with access to little or no soil. To obtain essential nutrient supplementation (but not energy), carnivorous plants have modified leaves that trap protozoans, insects, or other small arthropods. The traps can be either active or passive, and similar forms have evolved independently in several plant families. True plant carnivores digest prey via secreted enzymes. Protocarnivorous plants must rely on symbiotic bacteria to digest their prey. Interestingly, mosquito larvae, tadpoles, or other "house guests" are often found living safely in the water tanks of both proto and true carnivores alike."

Measures 24" X 36". University of Wisconsin, Department of Botany, 2008.

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