Carolina Swamp Print


Carolina Swamp Print

Carolina Swamp Josette Gourley Print from 1975.
Illustrator: Josette Gourley (19xx-2xxx)
Engraver: Unknown
From: ICPS Commission
Published: ICPS, 1975
Sheet size: 24" x 18.5"
Image size: 20.25" x 15"
About the Artist: Josette Gourley utilizes a background of commercial and graphic art, biological textbook illustration, and an intimate knowledge of nature in producing her wildlife art. Combining scientific detail and attention to composition, her watercolors show living things in depth, and a spirit of serenity seldom obtained in a painting. A native of Switzerland, she and her husband live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her husband's ornithological career allows and justifies frequent trips and Josette has had the opportunity to paint and show her work in South America, Senegal, and Los Angeles, California.
About the Painting: Josette says: "About two years back, Herbert Hechenbleikner asked me if I would be interested in painting the carnivorous plants of our State. Though most of my painting do not deal with a total scene, I decided it would be a challenge to create a visual concept of the plants and the type of locale where they thrive. We spent several weekends in the coastal regions. In mucky waters up to above our knees, we looked, photographed and sketched the details on the spot. It was decided that the plants in the foreground should be painted in their natural size so that the original watercolor measures 28" x 38". As the painting and the background progressed, Dr. Hechenbleikner brought numerous specimens to my studio so that I could select and combine the typical features and colors of each plant depicted. The painting was done over many months. It was arduous, delicate and at times frightening; but I am happy with the final result. It allows other nature lovers to share with me the intricacies and the variety of life to be found in a particularly beautiful and different setting of the Carolinas."

A copy of the original print's information card is included with a plant identification key. This is a vintage print and may show some toning or foxing and other age marks.

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