Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: No
Native Range: Slow moving waters of South America
Zones: 9-11 (8-12)

Bladderworts and Aldrovanda benefit from growing under a floating plant such as Salvinia. Salvinia natans, is a tropical, floating fern, similar to, but larger than Azolla.  It forms lovely whorls of rounded, fuzzy, softly textured leaves, each about 1/2" across. It feeds heavily on nutrients in the water, removing nitrogen and potassium. It is an excellent companion plant for growing Aldrovanda and Utricularia, which can thrive growing amongst it.  A sprig is about 2" long, and sufficient to start a nice colony of it in good growing conditions.

Salvinia is fast growing, but easier to control than duckweed. It can be an invasive weed in warm climates.  Cultures may contain small amounts of other aquatic plants.

For Salvinia, each portion is about 3 small plants.

Height: 1/4" - 1"
Plant Type: Perennial, tropical
Soil: Aquatic
Soil pH: 6.5-7.5
Light: Full to Partial Sun
Use: Unusual small floating fern, great cover for Bladderworts and Aldrovanda.

Customer Reviews

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Harry Policastro
I like


Great companion plant

Clump was good size with lots of roots with eight fully formed pads and 3 others forming. This is the perfect companion plant for aquatic utrics and aldrovanda. It helps control the algae. Best part about salvinia is that unlike duckweed it's very easy to manage

Gregory Beylin

Great amount of a really nice looking salvinia I'm used to the smaller ones but this one is perfect size for me and also looks really nice on its own imo!

William Moore

The salvinia is finally starting to grow now that the weather is starting warm up.

Chris B
Good grower, received more plants than expected

The plants arrived quickly, were healthy, and were more numerous than described. I use them to control nutrient levels in fish tanks- they are effective at this. Be aware - they do grow fast (this is a great thing for my application, but others might want to be aware of this)

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