Sarracenia x Juthatip Soper


Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: Recommended
Parental Native Range: Wet Pocosins of northern Florida and southern Alabama
Zones: 6-8 (5-9)

Sarracenia 'Juthatip Soper' Pitcher Plant is a hot pink hybrid, S. x mitchelliana, with gorgeous red and pink traps. The traps are upright and of medium height. They are somewhat green at the base, but broad red and purple veins, and pink areoles (windows) dominate the tubes, giving the full trap an exciting, brightly colorful appearance. The hoods are broad and ruffled and the lip is thick and deep red. As cold weather approaches, the traps turn a suffused deep red or maroon. They grow divisions regularly, and form large full colonies. As with other S. leucophylla hybrids, it has a nice show of Spring pitchers, but a great show of vigorous Fall pitchers. For proper care, the Sarracenia cv. Juthatip Soper prefers open, sunny, boggy conditions, and it will hold its color into the frost.  The dark red flowers are fragrant, and bloom early in the Spring before new traps are fully emerged. This is an outstanding accent plant for the bog garden, and is very showy in large numbers. It is well-suited for the backyard bog garden north into Canada with winter protection. This hybrid is an ICPS registered hybrid by Hants Flytrap in the United Kingdom.

Plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant rhizome with trimmed off pitchers. Photographs are representative of the cultivar, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 8" - 10+"
Plant Type: Perennial, temperate
Soil: Upper Bog Mix or General CP Mix
Light: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors
Use: Grows well in the bog garden, greenhouse and indoors. Excellent accent plant.

Customer Reviews

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Sarracenia x Juthatip Soper

This Sarracenia x Juthatip Soper arrived dormant, as I purchased it in the winter. It was expertly packed and shipped. I’m excited to see it grow into something lovely come springtime.

Kim Clow

Beautiful and such vibrant colors too.

Alfred Kellam
Beautiful red pitchers!

Very well packaged. These arrived in wonderful condition with well-defined pitchers. I have these growing in a mini-bog container on the back porch, and their bright colors have caught the eye of several friends who have been uniformly impressed. Literally a wow plant.

Grade A

I received the well packaged teeny tiny stub of the Sarracenia x Juthatip Soper on April 3 and now on April 30 the little guy is growing like crazy -- there is one 8" pitcher growing very well and more are developing. Very good experience. I also purchased the lower bog soil at the same time to plant the Juthatip and also repot my other pitcher plant and both are growing very well in this soil. Both products are a success. Thank you Carnivorous Plant Nursery.


The plant was very healthy and looks great.

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