Temperate Sundew Mix Seeds


Ease to Grow: Moderate
Dormancy: Yes
Native Range: Eastern and Northern North America
Zones: 5-9 (4-10)

Sundews, Drosera, have glistening, sticky leaf traps that lure, capture and digest their prey. Each leaf is covered with fine tentacles topped with droplets of sticky, digestive "dewdrops."  Sundews are typically small plants that form large colonies. Flowers typically occur summer through fall, and they often seed themselves. Provide for dormancy. These are great additions to any bog garden.

This selection of temperate Sundew plant seeds includes D. intermedia and D. filiformis. Seed Packs are freshly harvested in Fall, and stored refrigerated. Seed count is approximate, but reliable.

Note: Stratification is required to prepare seeds for germination. All seeds are produced from open pollination within our collection. Some cross pollination may occur, and seed offspring may or may not be true to mother plant. Growing carnivorous plants from seeds is best suited for the experienced and patient grower. See our webpage on Growing CPs from Seeds.

Height: 0.5" - 8+"
Plant Type: Perennial, Temperate
Soil: Lower Bog Mix or All-Purpose Mix
Light: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors
Use: Grows well in the bog garden, greenhouse and indoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cheyanne Smith
Mixed seeds

I ordered these in April, stratified as indicated and I finally started to see small plants growing out of the moss/perlite mix, which has also growing a bit of algae along the way. I’m hoping more continue to pop up over the next few months

paul conley
SUNDEW seed mix

CAN'T review they haven't did any thing yet!!!


Everyone thing came in the package


They are sprouting nicely


I have not planted the seeds yet as they require stratification but I can tell you every seed pack I ordered (I’m pretty sure I ordered one of every type available) all had well over the number of seeds they said each pack would have so I’m very happy with my orders. Can’t wait till stratification is over and I can germinate them…

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