Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: Yes
Native Range: Wetlands of Eastern North and South America
Zones: 3-9 (2-10)

Pickerelweed, Pontederia cordata, is an emergent perennial with broad, sword shaped leaves and charming, tubular, blue and purple flowers on tall spikes. The flowers attract many insects, that become prey to carnivorous plants. The leaves are large, waxy, and quite succulent. It is winter hardy, and prefers growing along the water's edge. It is a prolific grower, tolerating a wide range of wet growing conditions. The rhizomes can grow rapidly, forming a nice colony of plants in a season. It is an excellent companion for bladderworts and Aldrovanda, providing dappled light, and organic matter to the water, essential for the development of micro organisms that become the prey for aquatic carnivorous plants. It is propagated from seeds and cuttings. Seeds are edible and leaves can be cooked like spinach.

For Pickerelweed, each portion is a rooted, growing plant and size refers to age: small (1 year), medium (2 years), large (3+ years old).

Plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant rhizomes with trimmed leaves. Photographs are representative of species and not the specific Pickerelweed for sale.

Height: 8" - 16+"
Plant Type: Perennial, cold temperate
Soil: General Bog Mix
Soil pH: 5.5-7
Light: Full to Partial Sun
Use: Tall, stately blue flowers

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew North
So far so good.

I bought a small aquarium to place all my aquatics in while I get my pond ready. Stay tuned for pics.

Anna Maria Johnson
Deer love it!

The plants arrived in excellent condition and I planted them as directed in my frog pond. I was surprised to find the next morning that a deer had dug them up and devoured them. I still have a leaf with some roots attached so will see if that survives. So, I do recommend this plant but take precautions about deer!

kenneth kinnamon
pond plants

The pickerelweed plants were in very good shape and are doing well in my pond.

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