Sphagnum Moss - Red


Sphagnum Moss - Red

Ease to Grow: Easy.
Dormancy: Recommended
Native Range: Northern Peat Bogs.
Zones: 3-9 (2-10).

Red Sphagnum Moss, Sphagnum capillifolium, or the Small Red Peat Moss, is a beautiful and unusual dark red form of Sphagnum. Color can vary from salmon pink to maroon, almost black. These clones are from maroon (dark red) selections. It grows in the same conditions as the typical form, tolerating less acidity and more light. It tends to form tight, carpet-like mounds or clumps resembling red cauliflower. The short stems have sweeping, outward-curving branches that resemble small tresses. The intensity of color seems to favor bright, cooler conditions. The darkest red displays are in Winter. Turns to green in the shade.

Like other Sphagnum Mosses, Red Sphagnum Moss is a primitive bryophyte like ferns and clubmosses. Unlike more common forms of lawn or woodland moss, Sphagnum Moss is larger, and requires very damp growing conditions. It prefers the open, heathy areas of the bog, often in areas with limestone bedrock. It is a shorter, slower growing Sphagnum, and does well with all but the smaller CPs. It spreads nicely, and can be divided into smaller plugs to plant a larger area. Though Red Sphagnum Moss has no roots, it benefits from planting in a loose CP soil mix. It is winter hardy. Keep very moist and water with rain/distilled water.

This is living Sphagnum Moss.
A portion is 1 measuring cup full, about the volume of a sandwich bag, enough to fill a 4" pot.

Plants are shipped bare-root. Photographs are representative of the species, and not the specific plant shipped.

Height: 1" - 4+".
Plant Type: Perennial, cold temperate.
Soil: Lower Bog Mix.
Soil pH: 5-7.
Light: Full to Partial Sun.
Use: Top dressing or soil mix for carnivorous plants. Terrariums. Amphibians.

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