Drosera filiformis filiformis


Ease to Grow: Easy
Dormancy: Yes
Native Range: Wet bogs of New Jersey
Zone: 6 (5-9)

Drosera filiformis filiformis or Thread-leaf Sundew is among the largest of all the North American sundews. D. filiformis filiformis is slightly smaller than D. filiformis tracyi. Its long tentacles can reach upwards to 18 inches. They are covered with numerous sticky red tentacles that glisten in the sunlight. It is quite noticeable from a distance and appears to shine silvery-pink, drawing a lot of attention at the nursery. It prefers open, sunny bog conditions and often grows natively in sandy, acidic soils as opposed to living Sphagnum. It can tolerate drier conditions than most sundews, and competes well with other non-carnivorous plants, emerging in late Spring and lasting throughout the Summer and Fall. It forms a large sturdy winter hibernacula (resting bud), which is best pushed down to the surface in early Spring for best growth. The numerous flowers are pink on tall scapes. It flowers from May to June, and frequently produce abundant seeds. Seeds need to be stratified (cold, damp winter storage), and can be stored for several years. Drosera filiformis filiformis is a dramatic carnivorous plant for your collection or bog garden. This selection comes from seed, and will show some natural variations. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant hibernaculum. Juvenile plants may be shipped. For maximum effect plant use multiple plants in a 6" pot.

Plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in damp sphagnum moss. In it's dormant season, it will be shipped as a dormant hibernaculum. Photographs are representative of species, and not the specific Drosera filiformis for sale.

Height: 4" - 12+"
Plant Type: Perennial, temperate
Soil: Lower Bog Mix or All-Purpose Mix
Light: Bright indoors, full sun to partial sun outdoors
Use: Grows well in the soggy bog garden, greenhouse and indoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Daniel Brashear
Plants died during shipping

It’s not the sellers fault per se, probably shipping. The plants arrived pretty much brown. I’m hoping the roots are alive still but 2 months later no luck

Tanya S.

Drosera filiformis filiformis

Lisa Vansaghi
Sad Owner

I have tried 2 of these plants, and was not successful with either of them! I did exactly what I was told with my 2nd order, and still, it died. I was bummed because it was rated at “ easy to grow” I have over 85 houseplants, and was given this as a gift. I guess it’s just not the plant for me! The costumer service was, however, out of this world!!! Simply amazing service🙂👍 Maybe there is a better carnivorous plant out there for me🤷🏻‍♀️

Marc Kurstin

Great plant.Doing well.

Beautiful sundew

This is my favorite out of the multiple plants in my latest order. It is a good size and it’s growing quickly. Beautiful plant.

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