Cephalotus Soil Mix


Premium Cephalotus Soil Mix.

This is a premium carnivorous plant medium, suitable for all Cephalotus follicularis. It is a professional, custom blend specifically designed, and based on years of growing experience and field studies worldwide. We offer a variety of custom soil mixes for different carnivorous plants, bog plants, and bog orchids. More details about our premium soil mixes.

Instructions: Moisten before use with mineral-free water, such as distilled, reverse-osmosis or rain water.
Contents: perlite, sphagnum peat moss, horticultural sand
Approximate Volume:
   small: 0.5 quarts, 25 cubic inches, enough for one 4" round pot.
   medium: 2.5 quarts, 170 cubic inches, enough for about five 4" round pots.
   bulk pack: 8 quarts, 540 cubic inches, enough for about sixteen 4" round pots.
Caution: Wear gloves when handling any soil medium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ruth G Meador
Great Soil

I purchased the soil 3 weeks ago y plants perked up got more. Growth on them

Thank you Ruth G Meador

Chris Hutchison
Good soil mix.

Been purchasing soil from this place for years. Especially like the cephalotus soil mix. I can and do mix my own soil however since cephalotus tend to be pretty expensive I don't like to take chances so I go with their soil mix which I have pretty good success with.

Lynn S W
It is too soon to valuate your soil mix…I haven’t used it yet.

It looks like a good mix…not sure when I will be trying it out.

Andrew North
Will Have To See

Hopefully my ceph likes it. Will transplant now so it has time to get ready for dormancy.

Jerold Wiley
Excellent Mix

My soil mixer arrived neatly packaged. I transplanted my Cephalotus and it’s never looked better. I’m looking forward to watching it grow…Highly Recommend

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